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I wish I could tell you more about Laura Marling. I mean, the biographical information is out there: she’s 22 now, but learned guitar at an early age and at the age of 16 moved to London to become part of the nu-folk movement there.  She was a member of Noah and the Whale.  She’s released three albums: 2008’s Alas, I Cannot Swim, 2010’s I Speak Because I Can, and 2011’s A Creature I Don’t Know.

All of that kind of information is out there, but it seems unfair to peg Laura Marling in any way, even if it’s the act of tying her down to her own biography. If you’ve heard her three records, you know that her talent is developing at a rapid rate, almost at a rate too fast to track.  She’s always been good, but she’s really been coming into her own (especially on A Creature I Don’t Know), finding a way to blend the delicacy and darkness, the fragility and the power in her music.  She’s not messing around on the guitar, either.  The more I listen, the more impressed I become.

For the Halloweeny aspect, here’s her video for “Ghosts” (the leadoff track to Alas, I Cannot Swim):

And “Night Terrors” from the same album:

And to give you a sense of where she is these days, “All My Rage ” (just click away the ad to actually be able to see the video).  For argument’s sake, we’ll say this is a Halloween video, too, since the song mentions the Devil and it’s full of creepy dolls).


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