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I love it when I learn something new, especially when it’s something I meant to learn a long time ago.  Back in the days before Wikipedia and an Internet full of answers (a time best captured here), I was religiously reading Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, in which he had a personified version of Fiddler’s Green walking around. At some point, Gaiman may have alluded to what Fiddler’s Green was all about, but I missed or forgot it if he did.  Nothing in my paltry mythology library at the time had anything on it, and eventually I forgot all about it.

But tonight, I caught this video of Cary Hudson singing an unreleased song called “Fiddler’s Green.”  Cary Hudson was the leader of the criminally under-appreciated Blue Mountain, a roots rock or alt-country or whatever-you-want-to-call-them band who recently broke up.  Hudson writes strong songs and plays some nasty slide guitar, but I think this acoustic number might be one of his best yet.

So what’s Fiddler’s Green, since I brought the whole thing up?  Well, it’s a mythical afterlife where the drinks never stop flowing, the musicians never stop playing, and the dancers never get tired.  Think Valhalla without the war drills or a Big Rock Candy Mountain for salty sailors and sea dogs. It apparently exists between Heaven and Hell, and sounds like it beats the heck out of limbo, where, if Dore’s illustrations for Dante are accurate, a bunch of robed philosophers just stand around being mopey.

Here’s Hudson singing about it.  I really like this song.

Also worth noting that I found the video on the Couch by Couchwest site, a kind of alternative avenue for musicians to get their music out during the SXSW festival.  They can be in Austin, or they can be anywhere else in the world. Apparently, the only rule is that you can’t be on a stage in your video.  There’s some good stuff all over this site, especially if you like the rootsy stuff.

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